Our Approach to Telehealth Therapy During COVID-19

Don’t emotionally distance while you are physically distanced. We’re here to help.


If the Coronavirus has placed you in a difficult situation, you don’t have to process it alone. We are still accepting clients for individual and group talk therapy during COVID-19 to ensure all clients’ needs are being met.


What Can Teletherapy Help Me with During the Coronavirus?

Our experienced therapists specialize in:

· Loss of social connection

· Grief

· Increased anxiety

· Changing relationships to food and your body

· Community and schedule changes

· Loss of peer connections

· Loss of school

· Other concerns

We are seeing clients for all therapies and challenges during this time.

How Teletherapy Works During the Coronavirus

We meet via a secure ZOOM call, and find that all client needs are being met safely without the need to meet in our office. Until the CDC states that social distancing is no longer needed, we will continue offering telehealth therapy appointments.


On a limited case-by-case basis, some of our therapists are meeting in person outside of the office. If you are interested, please discuss with your therapist.



We Are Here To Help You

Begin processing and building healthier coping skills by contacting our compassionate, caring team at jill@jlewistherapy.com  or by calling


 J Lewis