Lily Wolf


Lily Wolf is a Licensed Master Social Worker in Atlanta, Georgia who enjoys working together with clients to create meaningful, long-lasting changes.


She works with individuals struggling with a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, grief/loss, eating disorders, ARFID, poor body image, and relationship issues. Lily strives to provide trauma-informed, culturally sensitive, and body positive therapy to folks from all backgrounds. As an ally to those identifying as LGBTQ+, Lily cares deeply about providing competent care for all and warmly welcomes all orientations and expressions.


Lily received a Bachelor of Science in Social Work from The Ohio State University and a Master of Science in Social Administration (MSW equivalent) from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. She is currently a Primary Therapist at The Renfrew Center of Georgia where she provides individual, group, and family therapy to clients tackling their eating disorders head-on. Since starting her career as a social worker Lily has also gained experience working in inpatient mental health, case management, and public health prevention. She has a passion for providing support to those in the eating disorder community and volunteers as an ANAD facilitator in her spare time.



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