Tzivie Pill


Tzivie Pill works with women and men who have a dysfunctional relationship with their food and their body.



Tzivie wants to help others achieve positive transformations in their own lives, instead of trying to control the symptoms. When working with her, women will uncover the underlying causes for their unwanted eating behaviorsTzivie works from a health at every size approach to health and wellness. 


Tzivie is currently a student pursuing her MSW at the Wurzweiler School of Social Work, and is a certified Eating Psychology Counselor. Tzivie is a social work intern at the JF&CS clinical team providing case management and individual therapy. Tzivie completed a fellowship with ELITalks in the Fall2017 and delivered her talk on body image and dieting in the Jewish community. Tzivie is a published author where her articles have appeared on KvellerTimes of Israel, and The Jewish Home. She lives in Atlanta with her husband, Shlomo, and daughters Arial, Minnie and Delphine.



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