“Jill will teach you how to help yourself through life challenges


I cannot recommend Jill highly enough. She is incredibly smart, direct, warm, understanding, challenging and funny, too. Jill will teach you to recognize and understand your thought patterns and interpersonal dynamics. She will teach you how to help yourself through life challenges. I am most grateful to Jill for this gift - the ability to help myself through life's events by processing my emotions and actions. To be clear, it is not always comfortable to do the work Jill asks, but it is always (ALWAYS) worth it."


- Current patient

“Jill is empathetic and understanding.


This was not my first rodeo in the therapy world or trying to overcome my food stuff, but I really feel like Jill gets it. She is empathetic and understanding, but does not let me hide. She is direct and challenging. I felt safe with her and she really helped me to understand why I was doing what I was doing."


- Past patient

"Jill doesn't let me get away with anything, and I mean that in the best possible way.


When you're struggling with something, it can be hard to hard to face the truth and the choices you make. Jill finds a tactful, smart and nurturing way to help you deal with your issues and emotions head on. You feel like she's on your side but also pushing you to be your best, you grow."


- Past patient

"Jill is the first therapist I ever saw who really GOT me -- who saw beneath the surface to the real me.


It's a true gift she has: to both empathize with her patients' struggles and pain but also to be tough when necessary, to help you make changes. She's warm, relatable, funny and also so, so smart and caring. Never once did I feel like she was judging me in a way that was uncomfortable, and she always remembered the little details that made me feel like "whoah, this woman is totally getting me, and listening to me." We worked together on my eating disorder, anxiety and issues surrounding family life and motherhood and she was so capable and understanding about everything."


- Past patient

“Jill is a brilliant combination of directness and warmth.


Her group therapy transformed the way I communicate. It taught me the importance of listening and identifying what I want and need while providing me with a language to communicate these needs to others. Jill's practice not only helped me through many difficult hurdles, but the skills I was able to develop under her care will get me through many more."


- Past patient

“Jill has a gift for what she does. Not only does she possess superior clinical skills and impressive intellect.


She also has a refreshingly authentic approach, she is unquentionably dedicated to her clients, and she has a magnetic personality, that simply makes her someone you just want to be around. Jill is the cream of the crop when it comes therapists. I love collaborating with her and never hesitate to send people her way.


- Lindsay

“Jill Lewis is a leading psychotherapist in the field of eating disorders and someone who I personally seek out regularly for collaboration and professional advice.


She is a pleasure to work with, empathic and delivers a highly pro-active approach to her client's recovery. Thank you for making a difference Jill!


- Iris

“As a colleague of Jill's, I look for opportunities to refer to her, as I know that her clients are in safe, skiled hands.


Jill is an amazing listener, clinically brilliant, and always present. I cannot recommend her highly enough, and New York's loss is Atlanta's gain.


- Rob

“I have known Jill professionally for over 4 years and highly recommend her.



She is relatable, direct, authentic, and thoughtful. Like many others in the community, I highly value Jill's opinion and expertise.


- Andrew

“Jill is one of the best therapists I have ever worked with. 


She takes great care in working with her patients, and communicates with other healthcare team members so to progress treatment in a healthy, balanced way. I value her opinion, and never hesitate to refer clients to her care.


- Marjorie


“Jill is a terrific therapist, she is someone with whom I regularly collaborate with, cross refer, as well as, seek professional advice.



Jill is a pleasure to work with, she is empathic and takes an active approach in her client's recovery.


- Supervisee

“Jill has a gift for what she does. Not only does she possess superior clinical skills and impressive intellect.



I recently began working professionally with Jill as her supervisee. It was an instant connection and I felt like she immediately helped to boost my confidence in my work.


- Supervisee

“I was anxious about beginning my private practice. 


Her style is engaging, warm, and direct, and she provides many great resources which have already been useful for me in my work. I recommend her workshop to anyone looking to start or grow their practice."


- Workshop Attendee

“Jill has great ideas and concrete information that are foundational in getting a private practice started.



She willingly shares her insights and experiences which allowed her to build a successful private practice."


- Workshop Attendee

“Jill is amazing at breaking down the essentials of starting a private practice.


Her workshop was extremely informative, small enough that it could be personalized to my situation, and engaging in a way that made the time fly. Jill illustrates do's and don'ts with relevant (and often very funny!) examples from her own experience in building her practice, which makes her path feel very relatable."


- Workshop Attendee

“I was anxious about beginning my private practice, and came to Jill's workshop with lots of questions about how to get started.


I left feeling more confident, informed, and with a clear direction of what I needed to do next. Her style is engaging, warm, and direct, and she provides many great resources which have already been useful for me in my work. I recommend her workshop to anyone."


- Workshop Attendee

“I am not even sure I ever really understood how good I had it, until it was gone.


I found Jill through one of her previous clients who was also a good friend of mine at the time. When I told my friend I was moving to New York City to attend college she told me I had to see Jill Lewis and I would just love her. And five years later I can sit back and reflect on that moment and say that the friend that directed me to Jill could not have been more right. I have come to love Jill as a therapist, as a role model, and as someone that has deeply impacted and changed my life for the better."


- Past patient

“She offered me insight on struggles and thoughts.


 As someone who is recovery from a ten year battle with an Eating Disorder I came in to therapy with a lot of “baggage” one would say. But as I sat in session with Jill week after week I was forced to not just work through that baggage, but stare at it, talk about it, cry about it and make a new relationship to it. Jill did the impossible. I have always been someone who is scared to be seen and scared of the power of my own body and voice. Jill saw me time and time again and time and time again it was the scariest thing in the world, until it wasn't scary anymore. She knew things about me and offered me insight on struggles and thoughts before I had even formulated the words. She made me spit out my gum and uncross my legs to be present in my anxiety in the room. She made me work through the desire to hide and to turn my head away from her towards the window because I was overwhelmed with shame. She made me be present even in the darkest of conversations. When I was struggling outside of session she made me pick up the phone and call and formulate my thoughts and feelings instead of texting. She gave me permission to take up space and to be big until I didn't need her permission anymore and wanted to do it for myself."


- Past patient

“Something I also appreciated about Jill is the fact that when you work with her, you work with all of her.


She doesn't hold back in session and sometimes that means you get her passion, her tears, and even her frustration. But that ability to be present with a client is ultimately what has allowed me to have success in my own recovery and journey. My tears were her tears and that connection was beyond healing for a client like me. When I went to residential treatment for 2.5 months after only working with Jill for a number of weeks, she made sure to speak on the phone with me and my therapist at treatment weekly. She made sure to continue to give and care despite not being paid for these phone sessions. This is Jill. She gives and gives and you get so much more then that 45 minute session. She leaves you thinking and feelings and questioning so you look forward to coming back to session the following week in order to continue that work."


- Past patient

“When you sit down with Jill in session you do the classic “Hi, how are you?” and then the conversation goes quite.


As a client I struggled with this exchange in therapy, but now as I enter my second year of Social Work school I can honestly say I get it. Jill is smart and she knows that me starting the session with whats on my mind is where the work was for me. I know she could have come in and asked a million questions about my week, but the act of me using my voice and giving myself my own power to articulate what I am feeling was incredible. I used to get so frustrated in session because I wanted Jill to start off with a question, and now as I have moved on to other therapists, I get frustrated when they do."


- Past patient

“Not only have I had the privilege to work with Jill on an individual level, but I also worked with her in a group therapy dynamic for a number of years.


Jill runs her group with an urgency and presence that I have never seen in another group leader in all my years of therapy. The group is full of lively discussion and creative thinking week after week. She creates a safe space in the room for all the clients despite the fact that painful and triggering emotions can be shared. She would end group and I always wished we could go for another hour."


- Past patient

“Jill is someone that has shown up for me with love and care and support both physically and emotionally.


I have had many therapists on this journey, but my work with Jill is something I keep close to my heart. If anyone is reading this and has a chance to work with Jill Lewis, I say go for it. Go for it because why would anyone give up an option to be supported in changing their own life. Jill never took ownership or let me give her ownership for my progress. She continuously made every success and moment of realization about me and the work I had done."


- Past patient

“Jill is an incredible therapist and has impacted my life and my families life greatly.


The work Jill has done with you is beyond long lasting and has impacted me in all areas of my life. Jill has impacted my relationship with my brothers, my friends, my clients and most importantly myself. I look at myself with value and pride and beauty and that is all thanks to my work with Jill."


- Past patient

“Having been to many therapists - some when I didn't really want the help and some after I decided I wanted to get healthy.


What I've come to realize is that Jill is the absolute best therapist, but ONLY if you are ready to get help. If you don't want to get help and if you plan on lying through your sessions, you won't like her. What I mean by that is she's not dumb and you're not fooling her, even if you think you are. And if you're trying, it's just a waste of money."


- Past patient

“I'm not saying this from experience. In fact, when I had Jill as an individual therapist as well as group therapist, I was more than ready to be in a better place.


I know this because even in my willing mind, it was challenging. I find myself to be pretty well connected to my emotions, how I'm feeling and why, my upbringing, relationships, etc etc..and even still, Jill was able to make so many connections that I hadn't."


- Past patient

“I felt I knew the ins and outs of how therapy works, and I addressed that with Jill.


I questioned what she was thinking about what I was saying and talked about myself as an individual vs myself as a patient. I was able to bring up the topic of therapy as well as all of the issues that brought me there in the first place. Jill's office became a place where no subject was off limits. I know it seems like that is what therapy should be, but very rarely have I felt comfortable enough with a therapist to really open up. As much as I may have made it seem like she's tough, she's also one of the nicest people I've ever met, especially in her industry."


- Past patient

“I have been in a healthy relationship for 3 years and just got engaged.


I have thru-hiked the entire Appalachian Trail last year, and am currently writing this review from the Pacific Crest Trail. I am strong enough to physically, mentally, and emotionally be able to participate in the lifestyle that I love, alongside a person I love - two things I would have never been able to do had it not been for Jill. If you are living in Atlanta or in the surrounding area, know that there is a fantastic therapist that is very missed in New York and who is sure to change lives wherever she goes.. And if you go to her, tell her I say hi :)"


- Past patient

“Jill is not only a gifted, intelligent therapist but also an extremely kind, warm-hearted and loving person.


She pours her heart into her work and it shows in the quality of her care. I hope anyone seeking support through therapy could experience Jill!!"


- Anastasia

“I don't know what I would've done without Jill. I found her after I had been through two terrible experiences with other therapists.


Jill quickly gained my trust with her humor, warmth and compassion. Since I've been working with her, she has helped me out of some very difficult places. Jill always makes time for me with my hectic schedule and has been more than accommodating."


- Current patient


"Jill Lewis is a wonderful therapist! 


She's smart and centered in sessions, and her experience with eating disorders surpasses anyone else I know. With Jill, you get to be in therapy with someone who engages you from the very beginning and is very active in the process of treatment. Working with her allows you to be challenged in a thoughtful and therapeutic way. If you want help, she's excellent!"


- Andrea



“I was surprised by how intimate and personal this workshop was. 


The content was based on our individual needs, which Jill sought out before and during the workshop. She was enthusiastic and motivational and I left feeling confident in the resources and knowledge I gained. I also felt very welcome to reach out to her.


- Workshop Attendee 


 J Lewis




Do not emotionally distance while you are physically distance, J Lewis Therapy is here to help.​